Scheduling a massage may seem like a simple task, but it can be complicated by the number of choices that are available. There are more types of massage therapy than most people realize, and it can be unclear what the differences are. While all of these massage types can leave you feeling relaxed and pampered, each one provides different benefits and targets a wide variety of needs. 

Luckily, at Cedar Massage in Lithia Springs, our professional massage therapists provide a comprehensive variety of massage therapy services to fit your specific wants and needs. We can help you sort through the different types of massage therapy and choose the one that is right for you. 

Different Types of Massage

The first step to choosing the right massage for you is to know what options are available. At Cedar Massage in Lithia Springs, we offer a wide variety of massage services including: 



These various types of massage therapy use different techniques, levels of pressure, and targeted areas to achieve the results you need. Everyone has different needs to address, depending on their lifestyle and health needs. 

For The Athlete

If you are an athlete recovering from an injury or just need to relieve sore muscles, a deep tissue massage might be the best option for you. This type of massage allows the massage therapist to apply heavy pressure in order to affect the deeper layers of muscle and soft tissue. If you are sore and stiff, this massage can help reduce pain. Deep tissue massages can also help with the healing process from a recovering or old injury. This massage is also a great preventative measure and can help improve your athletic performance as it can help to improve your joint mobility and flexibility, prevent future injuries, and even improve your posture. 

For The Workaholic

If you would describe yourself as a workaholic, you could benefit from a Swedish massage. This type of massage uses a gentler pressure level and can help relieve the stress that you may feel from work. If you spend the majority of your time thinking about work and not focusing on yourself, then a Swedish massage is a great way to practice some self-care. This type of massage is perfect for some much-needed rest, relaxation, and pampering. A Swedish massage can help your busy mind unwind as well as provide some physical health benefits. This type of massage can help to lower blood pressure and improve your immune system, which can be helpful for someone experiencing stress from the workplace. 

For Arthritis Sufferers

Hot stone massage therapy is a great option for providing pain relief from arthritis and other chronic diseases. In a hot stone massage, your massage therapist will use smooth basalt stones that are heated up to around 130 degrees and placed on different areas of the body. The heat from the stones helps to loosen your muscles and increase blood flow as well as provide some joint pain relief, allowing the massage therapist to better manipulate the muscle. While this type of massage therapy provides a deep relaxation and sense of tranquility, it also can provide some physical health benefits that are ideal for someone suffering from arthritis. These include improved joint and muscle flexibility, reduced pain or stiffness, and improved blood circulation.  

For The Office Worker

If you work sitting at a desk most of the day, a back walking massage could be a great option for you. With this type of massage, a massage therapist will use ashiatsu techniques to apply different amounts of weight and pressure to your back with their feet. A back walking massage can improve your posture by relieving tension in the back, align your skeletal structure, and release areas of tension and stiffness by deeply penetrating the muscle. These can be major benefits to an office worker who may experience pain, soreness, or poor posture from regularly sitting in an uncomfortable office chair. 

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There is no doubt that massage therapy can be a wonderful experience and provide great results. Whether you are experiencing physical pain, soreness, stress, or just need to take time to relax from day to day life, massage therapy can benefit just about anyone. These different types of massage therapy can be beneficial to your mental and physical health, depending on your specific needs. 

At Cedar Massage in Lithia Springs, we strive to provide top tier massage therapy services for a wide range of clients. If you think that massage therapy can benefit you, but still have questions, contact us today to speak to one of our expert staff or schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.