Our bodies are capable of doing many things and can endure a lot of stress. Over time, however, stress that is put on our bodies and muscles can have significant impacts on our overall health. We get tired, sore, and stiff. Tight muscles can even have a negative impact on blood pressure and our immune systems.

At Cedar Massage in Lithia Springs, we strive to ease your sore and tired muscles and to provide a space where you can truly let your mind unwind and your body relax. At the beginning of your appointment, we’ll give you a quick tour of the space so that you can feel at home. The massage will take place in your own private room with soothing music playing. We’ll give you time to prepare and lie down on the table before the massage begins. Your massage therapist will use oils and herbal applications to gently knead tight muscles in your neck, shoulders, back, arms, hands, legs, and feet. A Swedish massage is medium-pressured, but don’t hesitate to ask your therapist to apply more or less pressure depending on your needs. This time is for you, and we’re here to make sure it’s everything you need.

Even if you don’t have tight muscles, a regular massage can do wonders for our mental health and general wellbeing. If you’re ready to take some time for yourself, schedule a massage at Cedar Massage today.