If the typical date night is dinner and a movie, it might be time to try something new! There are dozens of benefits to getting a massage, and a massage with a significant other only adds to the experience. At Cedar Massage, our therapists will ensure that each of you receives the service you need. If your shoulders, neck, or back is especially tight, just let us know and we’ll focus on that muscle group. If you want lighter or deeper pressure, we can also make adjustments throughout the appointment.

During a couple’s massage, we typically use the same techniques and movements as a Swedish massage. We are also happy to provide any type of massage you desire, including deep tissue, hot stone, and others. Look forward to a dimly lit room with soothing music and a comfortable space where you can truly let yourself unwind and relax. Enjoy time with your significant other that is special and different! Contact the Cedar Massage team today to schedule our appointment.