Many people experience muscle knots at some point. Feeling pain, tightness, and sensitivity in your back, neck, or shoulders, is common. However, it can also be easier to treat than many people realize. There are many ways to treat and improve muscle knots, and one of the best forms of treatment is massage therapy. 

At Cedar Massage in Lithia Springs, our experienced massage therapists utilize different massage services to help treat people with muscle knots. They understand the pain and sensitivity that can come with this and work with each client’s specific needs for treatment.

What Are Muscle Knots?

While many people experience muscle knots, many of us also don’t know exactly what they are. Muscle knots are areas of muscle that feel hard and sensitive and can cause pain. They become “knotted” because that area of muscle is being constantly tightened and contracted even when your body is at rest. There are many potential causes of muscle knots. Aspects of your lifestyle such as being overly sedentary, unhealthy eating habits, and over-stressing can contribute to the formation of muscle knots. They can also be caused by overused or injured muscles and even poor posture. 

How Can You Treat Muscle Knots?

There are many different ways to treat muscle knots. These treatments can include resting, exercising, and stretching. In many treatments, the goal is to increase blood flow to the area to help loosen up the affected muscle. One of the most effective ways this can be achieved is through massage therapy. 

How Different Massage Services Can Help

Many different massage services work to improve circulation, reduce inflammation, and treat pain or soreness. All of these elements of a massage can be beneficial for treating muscle knots. However, the many different massage services available utilize different techniques to achieve slightly different results. Some of the massage services offered at Cedar Massage that can be beneficial to treating muscle knots include:

  • Swedish massage this massage service uses a more gentle technique that can help to reduce tension. This massage is particularly good for treating muscle knots if your muscles are too sensitive for a harder pressure massage. 
  • Deep tissue massage this massage service deeply penetrates the layers of muscle and tissue, helping to break down knotted areas, provide pain relief, and promote healing. 
  • Hot stone massageone way to treat muscle knots is by applying heat. With this massage service, heat and pressure are used not only to provide relaxation but can also help to relieve some of the tension that is contributing to the muscle knot. 

While there are several different massage services that can be beneficial to treating muscle knots, it is also important to note that you may need more than one massage service to see full improvement. 

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At Cedar Massage in Lithia Springs, our expert staff utilizes a wide variety of massage services to treat and heal injury, pain, stiffness, soreness, and muscle knots. If you are experiencing muscle knots, consider pursuing the benefits of massage therapy. If you have questions about which service might be best for you, or would like to book an appointment, contact Cedar Massage today