Many of us find ourselves experiencing some kind of daily pain or discomfort and ignoring it. You might get used to this pain, discomfort, or negative feeling, and it can begin to feel like your new normal and something that you just have to put up with. However, when daily pain is ignored, it can become worse and can be detrimental to your long-term health.

At Cedar Massage in Lithia Springs, our expert massage therapists strive to alleviate the pain or discomfort you are feeling. Massage can seem like it is just a luxurious and relaxing activity used to pamper yourself. However, consistent massage therapy can provide valuable benefits to your physical and mental health. In addition to proper medical care from your doctor, massage therapy can help to reduce certain symptoms or pain that you experience regularly. 


Types of Massages

You may find yourself wondering, is there more than one type of massage? The answer is yes, there are multiple different varieties of massage that provide different experiences and benefits. Each different type of massage uses different techniques, levels of pressure, and targeted areas of the body to achieve different results. The many different types of massage offered at Cedar Massage include:


  • Deep Tissue Massage: Heavier pressure that targets specific areas of concern, relieves severe muscle tension, improves range of motion, and can help to heal injuries. 


  • Hot Stone Massage: Uses heat therapy while massaging the body, warms and relaxes muscles, and allows for deeper pressure to be applied by the massage therapist. 


  • Reflexology Foot Massage: The massage therapist uses pressure points on the foot to target other areas of the body. This can also relieve pain in the toes, ankle, foot arch, plantar fasciitis, and other areas. 


  • Back Walking Massage: The massage therapists use their feet to create deeper compression and target tight and sore back muscles. 


These different massages can benefit a wide variety of needs for pain relief. If you’re not sure which massage therapy is right for your needs, call and consult with one of our massage therapists for their professional suggestions. 

Mental & Physical Benefits

Massage therapy can be used to complement your regular medical care and is increasingly considered a standard treatment for a variety of conditions and injuries. At first glance, you may think that massage is only beneficial for back pain and soreness. However, the various types of massage therapy can target symptoms in nearly any area of the body. As a relaxation service, massage can also positively affect your mental health. Just a few of these benefits include:

  • Mental Benefits: Massage therapy can provide many mental health benefits. The process of massage is intended to be a relaxing experience and as a result, can have a positive effect on anxiety and reduce stress. With consistent massage therapy, you may even experience improved sleep due to your pain or stress reduction. 


  • Physical Benefits: Massage therapy can be a beneficial treatment for people experiencing different kinds of pain or muscle tension. Massage therapy can help to reduce pain from headaches, myofascial pain, temporomandibular joint pain, and digestive pain. Massage therapy can also target and reduce pain from sports injuries, soft tissue strains, and fibromyalgia. 

Massage therapy is not only a way to relax and feel pampered. It can be a powerful tool when used strategically to complement your medical treatment for physical pain, discomfort, healing, and can even provide mental health benefits. 

Contact Cedar Massage Today

We suggest that you consult with your doctor to see if massage therapy could be a beneficial addition to your current medical care. Whether you are experiencing physical pain, soreness, stress, or just need to take time to relax from day to day life, massage therapy can benefit just about anyone. 

At Cedar Massage in Lithia Springs, we strive to provide top tier massage therapy services for a wide range of clients. If you think that massage therapy can help you, but still have questions, contact us today to speak to one of our expert staff or schedule an appointment. We look forward to hearing from you.